Libra man compatibility with libra woman

He loves beautiful women, and sometimes it is just hard to resist a temptation. This man is aroused by nice perfume. Make sure you always smell and dress nice. A woman who takes care of herself, both physically and mentally, would be the one who will keep the Libra man by her side. Probably the most sophisticated woman of the zodiac is the Libra woman. Venus gave her all the attributes a woman should have. She is sweet and tender, feminine and a bit seductive, but never provocative. Libra woman has charm and charisma and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with her at first sight. This charisma attracts both men and women in her life.

Libra woman is, undoubtedly, surrounded with numerous friends. Each one of them would want at least a piece of her energy and charm. On the other side, she enjoys attention and care of the others.

Yet, it is not like the Libra woman would act arrogant or egoistic. She is a great person, full of love and understanding, willing to help anyone. Stars gave her excellent communication skills, so the Libra woman knows how to keep a situation interesting.

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Just like the sign of the Libra is presented in the horoscope, the Libra woman always balances. You know how some people are torn apart between emotions and logic. She perfectly set the standards in order to make harmony in life. That is also something that attracts men to this woman. She looks like someone who handles thing well, she is not chaotic, either depressive, but just like a woman should be.

Men get the impression that this woman would make a great wife and mother, holding her thoughts and actions under the control. She knows how to respond to anything. If you talk to her nice, she will talk nicer, yet, if you are rude — this woman will pour a shower of cold water on you. She is not stubborn, on the other side, and is capable of accepting her own faults. Peace is the ideal the Libra woman strives after all.

That is the thing with the Libra woman in love too. She is loving and gentle, sweet as a candy. Libra woman expects a man who will be loyal and reliable. In the end, she would break up, leaving you speechless. Surprise the Libra woman with flowers and boxes of chocolate from time to time. She would love it!

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This way, she will see that you still care about her and respect and appreciate her devotion to your relationship. Pamper this Venus goddess, and she will show you how magical love can be. Besides all love and support, loyalty and honesty, the Libra woman is a real seducer. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The main thing that will take time to decide in this Libra man Libra woman friendship is who is going to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

Or in other words who is going to be the leader. The Libra male or Libra female likes to be in charge even though they can be very diplomatic and avoid arguments at any cost. For one, who will be making and managing the finances? They are very lively people and will want to spend what they have while they are out of the house instead of paying the utility bills. Another thing the Libra man and Libra woman soulmates will have to decide is who is going to be keeping care of the house.

Not even love making. Someone in this pure Libra man Libra woman marriage, is going to need to step up to keep up with the house chores. Or at least learn to trade off this responsibility so neither one feels trapped at home. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! They have the gift of making anything look expensive.

They also love spending money and in love luxury in general. Their ideal man would be someone who can provide them with all the goods they desire. They are usually not gold-diggers, and they feel that they deserve to have such a man by their side. She also loves decorating spaces. Her living space is usually arranged with taste and she often has a personal style many women admire and envy.

Sexual Compatibility Libra and Libra

These women are often in artistic professions or they do something creative as a hobby. The Libra woman is a caring mother and a nurturing wife.

Libra & Libra Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

She takes good care of her family and she is often overly worrying for the wellbeing of her loved ones. A Libra man and a Libra woman are a compatible couple. They have similar traits and they understand each other very well. The problems in this relationship are their lack of decisiveness and insecurity. They both need a stronger partner to help them overcome these negativities in their characters. If neither of them has some planetary influences in their natal charts which gives them the confidence and determination they initially lack as a Libra sign, they can make it work.

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These two share the same interests, especially their love for beauty. They are also very creative and can often find themselves doing some business together in the creative field. The best scenario is when both of them or at least one of them has the influence of some stronger sign in their natal charts to undertake the leadership in this relationship and the responsibilities for the major decisions, and that way this relationship can truly be a lasting one. When it comes to marriage between a Libra man and a Libra woman, this can indeed be a good union.

The problems might arise if they both have indecisive characters which will cause issues in taking over the lead in the relationship because no one of them will want to take responsibility for the potential wrong decisions.

The Attraction

If they manage to balance that, they could have a very rewarding and lasting relationship where they both will enjoy. These two naturally strive towards harmony and balance and avoid conflicts at all costs, and this union will be a safe haven for both. Libra man and a Libra woman make wonderful friends. Their friendships can last a lifetime, unless one of them or both have traits of superficiality, which Libra people sometimes have.

Libra Woman

In this case, Libras are in pursuit of quantity and not quality and that makes it hard to nurture friendships and make them lasting. A Libra man and a Libra woman make good partners, whether in a romantic relationship, a marriage union, or as friends. The main issue in their relationship is their indecisiveness and lack of initiative, which they need to overcome if they want their union to last.