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Activities that lack a higher purpose require so much effort that you are nearly tempted to give up. Your motivation fades if you forget to take the big picture into account today, and even a simple task can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Fortunately, you can do whatever is necessary to meet your current obligations while making plans to slowly modify your overall trajectory in life.

Your appreciation for those who share your path through life runs deep. However, your connection with someone could be so powerful now that the agreed-upon boundaries which normally separate the two of you become fuzzy. Strong bonds between lovers, friends, or coworkers can enrich your world and increase your chances to succeed at whatever endeavors you choose.

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Unplug from your social network so you can dial into your third eye without any outside interference. There may be a strange gap between the words you speak and the meaning people give to them now. Clear communication is elusive while the Moon forms stressful alignments with spacey Neptune and messenger Mercury.

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Although you might have an important piece of information to deliver, you could overcompensate by giving more details than is necessary, thus confusing the crucial facts with superfluous noise. The less you share today, the more accurate your aim. Use both your head and your heart to meticulously untangle all the threads of the emotional tapestry before you choose how to respond. You are neither judge nor jury, but you deserve to know the truth. Sometimes you bold Leos can put on confidence as if it was an old comfy sweater.

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However, your power may quickly dissipate when others do not readily accept your role as their leader. It helps if you separate your personal needs from the situational dynamics today. Sharing the control tower with others ensures safe and successful flights, wherever you may go. Accepting responsibility for your role in a conflict is a necessary prerequisite for relationship growth. Communication could get sidetracked today if you think someone is not being fully forthcoming with their emotions.

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Calmly stating your position can be the necessary catalyst to set your conversation back on track. You are concerned about how your values impact your home life today. For example, the simple act of purchasing household supplies could cause you to stress about environmental issues that seem to be out of your control. Sharing your anxiety with a friend might not be useful because they may not share your current sense of urgency.

Consciously do what you can within the context of your available options and move on. You possess an uncanny ability to zoom into a particular feeling or issue and hold it within your grip until it is resolved. Your words can cut like a razor when interacting with people while the laser focus of the Virgo Moon slices through your 11th House of Friends. People look to you for answers today because you seem to be able to justify your position with just the right amount of facts.

You might feel stressed as you waver between more and less while others reap the benefits. Nevertheless, sometimes putting on an entertaining show is more important than remembering every line of the script. You are aware of a growing sense of determination that is helping you to take a long-term approach to your current goals as the Moon plows through your 9th House of Distant Horizons. Geminis also find crocodile and alligator shoes practical. When it comes to running shoes, the Gemini is not very practical.

However, they are also not beyond wearing the high heeled running shoes. This daring and adventurous sign will also wear retro styles with great confidence. It is a Gemini that you are most likely to see wearing bright white patent leather thigh high boots or a pair of purple Victorian boots laced up with ribbon. Geminis also like the look of equestrian rubber boots with tight pants and a riding jacket.

Both male and female Cancerians have a bit of a fetish for white shoes and are voted most likely to wear this color of shoe after Labor Day. White patent leather shoes that are flatter are sexy to them. They also prefer shoes with a lower heel and a square toe. Flat shoes with a big silver buckle also appeal to them.

They also like designer shoe laces on their running shoes in silver or gold lame or with images of little kittens or hearts on them. Being somewhat practical, this sign is also likely to wear running shoes with reflectors on the back. The sexiest boots for a Cancer are pink or beige colored cowboy boots or slouchy style suede boots with metal detailing.

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This flashy sign finds the latest and trendiest running shoe to be super sexy. The chunkier the heel, the better. The Lion is also voted most likely to buy a running shoe that has some kind of gimmick to it, like a flashing rear light, a special footprint, or a heel that inflates with air. The Lion is fond of all shoes that have some kind of animal print to them, whether it be a zebra print, leopard print, or cow print. Female Lions like glass bedroom slippers with sprouts of ostrich feathers. The Lion also likes boots in exotic prints and the heel must be super high and narrow.

Contemporary styles that have zippers that travel all the way up the leg are also very sexy to this sign. This sign likes sensible shoes. This means flat shoes or low heeled shoes turn this sign on. However, in order for the shoe to be sexy, it must be made out of the most expensive and softest leather and the design must be understated. This means the toe cannot be too rounded or pointed and the shoe must be very well made. Most Virgo women prefer a shoe with a covered toe and heel. They find buckles, straps, and toe cleavage to be too fussy to wear. If they do wear a high heel, it tends to be very classic and made out of brown or black leather.

The same goes for their boots which often have a thicker sole, so the busy Virgo can get around without slipping. This sign loves beautiful objects and many of them consider shoes to be collectible works of art. The Virgo will collect high heeled shoes in all colors and styles. They are very fond of purple shoes and shoes with bright blue or red soles. When it comes to running shoes, they prefer the slipper shape, which is more of a walking shoe.

This is not a very athletic sign. When it comes to high heels, this sexy sign prefers an ankle boot with a very high and pointed heel.


In order for the boot to be sexy, the toe of it must narrow to the sharpest point possible. This sign loves sex so its favorite shoe is the classic high heeled stiletto with as much of the naked foot showing as possible.

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It is a Scorpio woman who is most likely to pull off a thigh high style that zips from the hip to the toe. The preferred color for all footwear is black and the shoe must be well made and of expensive leather. Scorpions do not like fake fabrics like vinyl. When it comes to a running shoe, this sign prefers a classic Plaid Ked or a retro look Converse.

It is not a very athletic sign and the running shoes tend to be more of a fashion statement than anything. This sign loves to travel so the shoe it often finds sexy is also one that is very functional. Doc Martins and designer hiking boots appeal a lot to this sign, especially if they are made of quality leather and lace up high. Archers also really like delicate, Japanese style slippers made out of comfortable black cotton or satin. For evenings out, the Sagittarian is more likely to choose a shoe that is patent leather and a combination of black and white in color.

This is another Zodiac sign that is symbolized by an animal with hooves. The Goat loves high heel shoes of all types.

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Gold and silver would turn this sign on. For a special occasion, you might find a female goat wearing a pair of patent leather shoes in Siren Red or a fiery orange color. It is an ecologically minded sign as well, so it will go for shoes made out of the latest recyclable materials.