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Being swayed this way and that is a pitfall. The way everyone else sees it has nothing to do with you; as a matter of fact, it could have too much to do with them — and their interests. If something looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it probably is one. Now would be the time to keep your own counsel and trust your intuition and your instincts to be your guide. Get our horoscopes sent straight from the cosmos to your inbox.

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There's nothing wrong with this. Sometimes we need to keep going around in circles to make sure we've got it right. Some of you will keep repeating the same pattern for as long as it takes to see the light. Others are definitely ready to get into a more creative groove. In the latter case, part of you is afraid to "just do it. The leap of faith that allows us to follow our hearts is birthing itself as we speak.

That leap will bridge the gap between the same old thing and the latest clue to the new direction. If you could clear some of it away, you would see that your problems all stem from trying to "do the right thing. From the looks of it, you're tied to people and circumstances that could be anything from out of balance to totally nuts.

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For many of you, it comes down to waiting it out; for others, it's about being strong enough to just say "no" or walk away from the forces that keep you here. Following your conscience — even when it's costly, inconvenient, and life-threatening — is the key to keeping the karmic slate clean. Now that you're in the clear, what happens next will stand on the rock of integrity that the last month or two has left in its wake. Don't be too concerned about how to proceed from here. When things are in perfect order and there's nothing to hide and nothing to apologize for, something in us starts to shine brightly enough to attract nothing but the best.

Breathe deep and get ready for it. Part of you wonders if this part of the program will make things better or worse.

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From where I sit, it's hard to say, but this is where "faith" comes in. Aside from that, there's no way around it.

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One thing's for sure: For the next few months, it would be good if you found ways to empower yourself physically and spiritually. It's about strengthening your inner being and doing whatever it takes to grab your higher self by the horns and heal these difficulties. At those times, it's easy to fall prey to the thought that your life isn't worth much. In truth, it's in those moments that your core essence starts to breathe and you begin to get in touch with what your life is really all about.

This is one of those moments.

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The closer you get to the real you, the more your reality will reflect deeper, more authentic expressions of your significance. Could you consider the virtues of flying leaps and radical trust? Nadiya Shah. Astrogirl — Libra - 05 May , Weekly Horoscopes. Astrogirl — Libra - 14 April , Weekly Horoscopes. Related topic Libra astrology.

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