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For a numerology session, I will ask for various pieces of information, staring with your birth date and full birth certificate name and including other key numbers phone and names address. You will get my calculation sheet after your session. I prefer to use Zoom to do astrology readings because we can share screens, which will allow me to draw on the charts while I explain the information.


Zoom will capture the session as a video, which I will send to you after the session is complete. People who experience or know my card reading technique often ask how it can be done at a distance. I do this work over the phone and will select 3 boxes before we start. To begin, I will ask you if you want the box on the left, the one in the middle, or the one on the right.

After you have selected the box, I will pull the cards out, shuffle them, and spread them out in front of me. We will discuss how to proceed with the reading — a question, area of life focus, or just wide open — I will spread the cards in a long row in front of me and begin asking a question.

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I will ask the question and start moving my hand over the cards and wait for you to tell me when to draw a card. Once you tell me and we have drawn all the cards, I will begin your reading, which I will record. All other services work effectively at a distance.

I can calibrate you for the past life regression work by having you work hands free with your phone on speaker and then take you through the session. Save 8 Saved 9. Keep me updated. The email you inserted is already in use.

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